AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

Natural Rx, New Mexico

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At their state-of-the-art Albuquerque base Natural Rx pursue the goal of cultivating superior medical cannabis products through the use of premium growing media, nutrients and equipment. Whilst primarily focussed on quality Natural Rx are also mindful of the need for growers to maximise their yields. This is especially true in states like New Mexico where plant limits apply. The growing techniques employed by Natural Rx reflect this dual concern.

Natural Rx use an 8-week vegging cycle before turning plants to flower. Under these conditions a variety such as Blue Dream can yield upwards of 30oz per plant. Natural Rx, Albuquerque currently houses a growing arrangement incorporating

  • AutoPot XL Systems
  • Coco and Perlite substrates
  • 96 flowering plants in total
  • 48 Gavita 1000w DE fixtures
  • COGO nutrient line
  • Total plants 450 – 150/300 indoor/outdoor