AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

BioTabs, Spain

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BioTabs maintain their strong industry reputation through perpetual test growing. They combine a wide variety of cutting edge, often prototype, equipment with exclusively organic growing materials and nutrients. BioTabs’ test growing experiences with Gavtia lights and AutoPot Watering Systems have demonstrated that cultivating high yielding, high quality plants is possible without resorting to inorganic approaches.

Whilst achieving 1-gram-per-watt yields is a common boast the reality of those yields in terms of quality and consistency is often inflated. Furthermore, simple headline results often say nothing of the strains with which such yields are achieved. What BioTabs set out to do is ‘the difficult thing’ in growing; getting reliable, natural results with normal strains.

BioTabs test grows have incorporated such arrangements as:

• Gavita G1 tent with 1 x 1000 w Gavita de. – typical yields of 2.6-3.1lb (strain dependant)

• Gavita G2 tent with 2 x 1000 w Gavita de. – typical yields of 5.3-6.2lb (strain dependant)

• Growing free of boosters, minerals and CO2

• Organic-only growing with AutoPot Watering Systems