AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

AutoPot Watering Systems
and Cultivation Consultancy

American Cannabis Company, Colorado.

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ACC are a strategic AutoPot partner and AutoPot Watering Systems are an integral base of their Geoponic Methodology. 


American Cannabis Company with BIOS

Biological Innovation and Optimization Systems (BIOS) produce LED lighting to serve a wide variety of clients. Within the cannabis cultivation sector they currently aim to take LED lighting beyond traditional small-scale and hobby applications and target industrial growing markets.

BIOS’ company ethos places an emphasis on scientifically researching the needs of end users and developing products accordingly. In order to produce a scientifically credible, industrial grade LED product for cannabis cultivation BIOS have recently been involved in tests conducted by the American Cannabis Company (ACC).

The ACC is devoted to servicing regulated cannabis markets worldwide. Their product evaluation team has run side-by-side cultivation tests with BIOS and other LEDs to explore the outcome of BIOS proactive approach to scientific lighting solutions.

The American Cannabis Company’s case study describing these tests can be found here

The tests featured:

  • Comparison of 5 different LED grow light products, including the industrial grade Icarus LED fixture designed by BIOS.
  • Plants grown in 6.6 gallon self-feeding, gravity fed, AutoPot watering systems.
  • SoHum Living Soil substrates.

Findings included:

  • 40% greater yields produced in some strains when by growing under BIOS compared to the next best performing LED fixture.
  • That under more optimal environmental and horticultural conditions BIOS LED lighting could have yielded in the region of 2lbs per fixture.